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Sharing is selling: Getting Your Customers to Hit the “Share” Button

Huelo Dunn

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A quick search for “share button marketing” brings up lots of information on what sharing is, and how your company can add “share” buttons to marketing materials. It’s certainly crucial to make this technology accessible to your readership. However, what’s missing from the discussion is an explanation of exactly why sharing is so important, and the power of sharing to boost your brand.

The Why before the What

Sharing is critical, both in its own right, and as a credibility-booster in your brand’s SEO profile. Each time content is shared, it’s effectively endorsed. The sharer implies that this content is trustworthy, and useful to the his/her network. Since search algorithms have changed in the last few years, creating “share-worthy” content is more important than ever. Search engines like Google understand how careful their users are about what they share, and consider “shares” one of the best metrics for favoring content that is truly high-quality. Creating share-worthy content is key if you want to maximize your exposure through search results.

As users and shoppers become more Internet-savvy, they increasingly use the Internet to facilitate the most old-fashioned marketing tool there is: word-of-mouth. Hitting “share” is like a word-of-mouth endorsement. A lead is much more likely to become a customer, when your brand has been shared with him/her by a trusted friend. Sharing kills two birds with one stone. Shares increase your search visibility, and more people will discover your brand through their social networks and friends.

Sharing is selling: Getting Your Customers to Hit the "Share" Button

Content Targeted for Your Customers

So, how does your brand maximize shares? Of course, it starts with content. Creating content that is trustworthy and engaging is the first step in compelling your audience to hit that “share” button. It’s also important to make sharing as easy as possible for your audience with a well-designed layout and easy-to-spot social networking “share” icons.

Along with these first steps, the key to driving shares is knowing your customers. People hit the “share” button to tell their network about things that are important to them. Their affinities and priorities are a reflection of them: their personalities, tastes and values. So, when a customer hits “share,” they’re also sharing something about themselves. To get those all-important “share” endorsements, you have to know your audience. What are the major selling points of your brand that appeal to them, and what else appeals to them? What are their interests, passions, and principles? Are they drawn to your brand because you offer a unique product, a certain image, or affiliate with their values?

Once you’ve got great content, specifically targeted to your audience, you can start real conversations with your customers. It’s this interactive, customized approach to your customers that will get them hitting that “share” button.

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