AIMS Education

Challenge: Generate a Reliable Pipeline of Student Leads

Based in Piscataway, NJ, AIMS Education trains allied healthcare professionals for highly-skilled jobs in hospitals throughout the US. When AIMS approached Hop Online in late-2012, student leads, applications, and enrollment were flat. The company knew that their website had untapped potential to generate qualified student inquiries and campus visits, yet their web traffic was very low and stagnant.

Solution: Career-Focused Content Marketing

Our team formulated and executed a content strategy for AIMS Education that focused on showcasing the lucrative and rewarding career paths available within the allied healthcare sector. We have consistently written and published high quality, original articles on the AIMS Blog once per week for 5+ years targeting career prospects in the field and other relevant topics for our target personas.

Results: 5X Student Lead Growth

250+ blog posts later, the school’s website now receives consistent organic traffic of over 150,000 visits per month (and still growing). Web-based student leads of all types (e.g. inquiries, campus/open house bookings) have grown more than 5 times. Due to increased enrollment, the school has since opened a second campus in Edison, NJ and is cementing their reputation as the top healthcare training school on the East Coast of the US.

“We’ve been able to scale back some of our traditional marketing because we’re getting so much just through the content marketing campaign and the social media marketing.”

Barry Ferguson, Director, AIMS Education