Healthcare Ecommerce

Challenge: Site Relaunch with New Content

Our client is a leading online pharmacy selling prescription drugs at competitive prices to patients throughout the US and Canada. They planned a large-scale redesign and relaunch of their website to improve usability and sales conversion rates. As a part of this update, they also wanted to boost organic search traffic, which had been stagnant for years.

Solution: Create Unique Product Level Content for SEO at Scale

The solution for increasing targeted organic search traffic was clear — create unique and optimized content for key category and product-level pages.

Our team started by prioritizing the most important pages of the new website based on keyword search demand, competition levels, and product profitability. We then built a scalable content framework for our team or writers to research and write high quality, informative content for hundreds of pharmaceutical drugs.

Results: 3X Organic Traffic Growth Post Site Relaunch

Soon after the website relaunched with hundreds of pages of fresh content, organic traffic jumped to a level approximately 3X higher than previous levels. Since this initial jump in traffic, we have observed a continued upward trajectory in traffic since the site relaunch as we continue to produce and publish newly-updated product content each week.

“Hop Online delivers high-quality content that generates customer engagement and increases web traffic. They outperform similar vendors.

Rob, Managing Partner, Universal Drugstore