Paris Talks Marketing: Hear What’s Powering Growth at Leading SaaS Companies Today

Every SaaS company plays for high stakes, but what does it take to dominate the market right now? Look no further than Paris Talks Marketing - the ultimate podcast for SaaS marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Hosted by Paris Childress, we’re featuring deep dives into the latest industry trends with the top SaaS B2B founders and marketing leaders who reveal what it takes to succeed in B2B SaaS marketing.

Join us as we share insights on testing new tactics and uncovering the latest developments from digital landscape giants like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Tune in and conquer the SaaS market today!

Sharing bi-weekly interviews with SaaS marketing, growth and revenue leaders.

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The host of the Paris Talks Marketing Podcast:

Paris Childress

Founder and CEO at Hop Online

Paris is Ex-Googler and the CEO of Hop Online, a growth marketing agency for B2B SaaS and B2C subscription-based businesses.

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