Episode 8

New Coworking Space Dynamic with Giles Blanchard

Giles Blanchard

Meet Giles Blanchard, the CEO of a coworking space – This Way – located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Due to the pandemic and social distancing, the demand for coworking spaces has surprisingly grown. Most of the demand is coming from corporate companies that are rethinking their real estate strategy. Companies are moving away from the old traditional way of thinking about offices and realizing that people want more flexibility in order to be productive. Humans are social creatures and seek communication and social connection on a daily basis. In order to preserve the company culture in the current situation, companies are leaning towards coworking spaces for small groups of employees to work in rotation while still getting a chance to socialize. Curious to find out more about how our working dynamic and environment is changing?

Tune in with us and Enjoy!

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