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We realized that we didn’t have enough paid marketers in-house to grow our accounts sufficiently. We also need help recovering the damages from our previous vendor. Hop Online completely took over our paid, search engine marketing (SEM). This includes engineering/re-engineering campaigns, lead management, optimization for lead conversion, the budgets, and account growth, which increased conversion rates by 20% while maintaining the cost for acquisition. They are dedicated, responsive, and professional, responding at any time to queries or problems.

David Reynier, COO, Taroko

Your report will include scoring and actionable “Pro Tips” for optimizing your account across 10 key performance areas:

1. Account Structure
2. Campaign Settings
3. Conversion Tracking
4. Bidding Method
5. Bid Adjustments
6. Ad Group Focus
7. Keyword Match Type Usage
8. Quality Scores
9. Ad Extensions
10. Remarketing

(And here’s a sample)
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About Us

Hop Online was founded in 2009 by ex-Google Country Manager Paris Childress. As a Premier Google Partner Agency, we currently manage over $12 million per year in Google Ad spend. Whether it’s leads, phone calls, sales, store visits or website traffic – we know how to make Google Ads profitable for all types of businesses.