Proud Partner of Google’s International Growth Program

Our partnership with Google IGAP helps our clients expand their businesses into new markets. Let’s grow your brand together!

How Does IGAP Help Our Clients?

IGAP is a Google program created for agencies and their clients to support them in global expansion. As an IGAP partner, Hop Online has access to exclusive tools, insights, and data about global markets.

Want to increase your international footprint? Hop and Google’s IGAP team will remove the merchant friction in going cross-border. No more operational hurdles for you.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Max performance of your digital strategy
Operational support
  • Competitor analysis
  • Implementation and optimization of digital ads
  • Scaling your digital campaigns
  • Performance reports
  • Data-based decision support
  • Evaluation of best foreign markets to enter
  • Demand and industry analysis
  • Filling in language gaps
  • Market, local, and audience insights
  • Full support in operations with Google’s consultancy 

IGAP Makes Us Better

Thanks to IGAP, we can give you a shoulder in:

Get to speak the language of your international customers.

Customer Experience
Improve your buyer journey and reduce costs for better efficiency.

Get help with global carrier service management, including delivery options, timelines, and returns.

Make the best checkout experience for international orders.

Are you ready?