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Why Great SaaS Websites Are Mirrors

Magdalena Andreeva

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As SaaS marketers, we know that the experience customers have with a website is crucial for the business’s success and long-term growth.

While you should definitely ensure that you’re describing your brand in the best possible way, being too eager to showcase product features may actually strip your website of value.

Essentially, the best SaaS sites are often the ones that allow users to easily see themselves in the business’s product or service. So if you don’t already, start showing visitors a mirror. This way, you can keep them from bouncing and spark their curiosity to explore your solution in more detail.

Here’s what you need to know when getting started.

Why You Need a Mirror-Like SaaS Website

Naturally, we tend to look for things we can relate to, which is why most of us instinctively connect with like-minded people and people with whom we feel a connection.

In the same manner, when it comes to making a purchase, most consumers will generally prefer brands they know, like, and trust.

Many SaaS websites, however, try to communicate too much about themselves and their product at once. Shifting the focus to the visitor – and allowing them to self-identify in that product – can help you boost familiarity, increase likeability, and make prospects feel like you share something in common.

How to Encourage New Visitors to Self-Identify

Helping prospective customers see themselves quickly and easily from your site’s main navigation is a worthwhile approach for reducing bounce rate and encouraging engagement.

Overall, there are two main ways that you can use to help your prospects self-identify when landing on your website. This first one is by letting them see their own persona reflected back to them.

Here’s a quick example: Imagine you’re an IT manager and one of your main concerns is cybersecurity. If you land on a page and see a link or section indicating that the company is helping cybersecurity managers achieve a certain goal, chances are, you will immediately see yourself across the screen.

The other way to encourage self-identifying is by taking advantage of a visitor’s use case. To keep things simple, let’s assume you are coming from the healthcare industry and need a better way to manage patient records. Seeing a Use Cases section that includes ‘organizing healthcare records’ would directly touch the pain point that you have and help you see yourself.

SaaS Website Best Practices: How to Perfect Your Approach

Getting prospects who have just landed on your site to see themselves reflected back from the reason why they’re on that particular page can seem challenging.

If you are a SaaS business, implementing UX writing best practices in your website copies should be one of your first steps.

Website UX writing has been gaining traction in the last few years, and for good reason. Unlike traditional copywriting, UX writing aims to help users understand the product and find all the information they need. Make sure your website copies are clear, to-the-point, and easily understandable for your specific audience.

Another important consideration is the buyer journey. Learning how to map landing pages to the buyer’s journey is extremely beneficial for creating tailored content and, consequently, helping your site serve as a mirror.

Great landing pages mapped to the THINK stage, for example, are informative and include cognitive biases and premium content offers. When executed correctly, this is a very efficient way to influence the “Messy Middle” of the buyer journey and nudge prospects closer to the conversion moment.

Ready to Take the Next Steps?

Building a useful and engaging SaaS website takes time, though, and energy.

The competition in the market is fierce. The bar for SaaS home and landing pages is set extremely high, and showing your prospects a mirror will not earn you an instant sale on its own. SaaS businesses should also be able to understand the future users’ needs and focus on well-thought-out content, web design, and testing.

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