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Build Your Digital Marketing Dream Team: 3 Key Roles to Consider

Magdalena Andreeva

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Building a digital marketing dream team is something you perhaps continue to have on your business radar. Your only roadblock is working out a plan to make it come true.

Where to start? Decide what core roles you want at the helm. Here is our approach:

1. Analytical Role

Finding someone who can do analytical tasks is the first priority – they are the ones who crunch all your data and metrics to extract important reports.

This person will take the data and uncover specific trends to fuel your marketing efforts. All the marketing KPIs and reports still need a human being to find the trends you should watch for to stay ahead of competitors.

Most of all, it means the analytical person you hire will derive insights from the data and map the way forward for your next marketing efforts.

2. Creative Role

Placing creativity in the center of your marketing campaigns is the nucleus of making your content useful and engaging for your ideal customer. Mixing those elements together is going to require some creative thinkers.

Hiring creative types to work in your marketing department brings the true heart and soul of the group. It means hiring someone who is empathic and can effectively communicate with text, visuals, and video.

Plus, this person needs to know how to target specific buyer personas. Evoking emotion is the leading factor here, and much of it centers on great storytelling. Can the creative hire create a textual and visual mix that brings a message your demographic will relate to?

In many cases, this means creating content that talks about solving a particular problem. Your creative team should create clear buyer personas first, to see what kind of problems they need to solve. Doing so gives them a roadmap toward content that leads all prospects to take immediate action.

3. Digital Marketing Strategist

To have a solid marketing team, you need someone to point the way. Do you have someone who can see the bigger picture based on the data and your creative messaging?

You need an objective person who can look at what you have and add strategy power to those elements. The strategist pivots project energy, reorders priorities, and establishes a powerful media mix across multiple channels.

Talent is a precious resource in digital marketing. Once you’ve found your 3 key digital marketers, make sure you manage them in a way that allows them to bring out their best. Arm them with the tools and resources they need, reward them with the right incentives, and clear their path.

If you’re still struggling to identify these key digital marketers for your team, please read our next blog on how to assess your digital marketing agency partner.

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