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2 ½ Startup Marketing Myths Debunked

Ralitsa Golemanova

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Let’s talk myths. A myth is a traditional narrative about the supernatural, usually an unreal one. Myths bring people together: but sometimes for all the wrong reasons.

When it comes to startup marketing myths, reality is stranger than fiction. You don’t need Mythbusters to figure out that startups can reap huge benefits from efficient marketing, contrary to what many would tell you.

We’ve ripped apart 3 of the most widely spread myths about marketing for startups to confirm the naked truth. Online marketing for startups is a milestone for success, right from the beginning. Among the myriad of tasks that a new company has to tackle, this is indeed one more, but it can make it or break it for you.

Marketing Can Wait: Wrong

The reality is that if you would like your company’s name to go beyond your office coffee cups, you need marketing from a very early stage.

Generating brand awareness is important for new businesses because it helps them take the first steps in establishing credibility. If your overall business efforts are not aligned with a wholesome marketing strategy, you risk creating a startup with potential but with no followers.

Mug with company logo

Strategic marketing can move your company logo beyond your office mugs.

As a young company, it’s a good tip to assume you still have no brand equity. Beware of assumptions that your product is that awesome that it does not need promotion as well. Building clients’ trust takes time and efforts, and a proper marketing strategy can greatly boost this process.

Don’t get caught on the stereotypes that only the big fish can afford and actually need marketing. This is certainly not true because your marketing efforts will depend on the market size, competition and your value proposition.

Marketing Can Be DIY: Wrong

Many successful startups were born in a garage. Things are different these days, though. You don’t need to stick to that style: your marketing doesn’t need to stay in the garage.

If you have no prior knowledge about marketing tools, DIY trial and error marketing efforts can actually harm your startup’s development. And as a newborn business, it is a tender creature that needs the right kind of marketing care.

In the complexity of today’s business and marketing world, your young company needs a solid basis for effective marketing. The expertise of experienced strategists can provide you with that foundation, so that your business excels rapidly.

Marketing Intelligence

Marketing Intelligence is more complex than you think.


Although online marketing outlets such as blogs and social media can seem easy to manage, you need quality content to promote on these platforms. Most probably you don’t have the time and resources to take care of this. Reaching out to social influencers and mastering online community building and engagement is not on your to-do list either.

Don’t forget that if you aim at organic traffic and high conversion rates, your website needs to be properly optimized for search, as well as engaging and accessible. So if you think you can tackle online marketing for startups from your living room, think again.

Marketing Is Pricy: Half truth

Well, it’s time for full honesty. Without a qualified team member, who devotes 100% of his time to the company’s marketing efforts, a zero budget for startup marketing will most likely lead to zero marketing success.

Although marketing services can be quite expensive, different companies have different charges. Good research will lead you to tailored solutions that specialize in marketing acceleration for startups. With special service packages designed for the needs of a startup, your marketing budget will be efficiently spent, to the last penny.

Let us bust some myths for you and help you start accelerating with a free consultation.

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