We’re a multinational digital marketing agency headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our mission is to help grow our partners’ businesses through excellent SEO practices, great content, and savvy advertising on Google, Facebook, and other platforms.

Strategic Approach

The customer journey isn’t linear, and the traditional marketing funnel is far too simplistic in the digital age. Before making purchasing decisions, information-rich consumers travel seamlessly through complex, nuanced journeys,  weaving across devices, content types, and online platforms.

To meet these modern demands, we apply the See-Think-Do-Care framework to our digital marketing strategies. These simple idioms represent the broader stages of a digital customer journey, characterized by achievable goals and unique value at each stage.


How can marketers ensure that the largest qualified (and addressable) audience sees the brand. With enough frequency, they’ll remember the brand later when a need for the product or service arises. Can these experiences be made more memorable with compelling content formats like video, images, and other forms of dynamic content?


When comparing and researching, what kind of content urges people to consider our brand over other alternatives? How can this content emphasize our brand’s unique selling proposition (USP)?


When our potential customer has concluded their research, knows the brand, and is nearly ready to buy, both logic and emotion are likely to drive their final decision. What can we offer at precisely the right moment to make them choose us?


How do we nurture relationships with new and existing customers to encourage them to continue buying, build lifetime value, and advocate our brand to their friends and followers?

Whether a B2B or B2C site’s goal is lead generation or sales, each stage of the customer journey requires purposeful content, distinct marketing channels, separate budgets, and fair measurement systems.

Core Values

We have 4 core values that distinguish us among other digital marketing agencies:

  • Transparency
    • We share 100% of our work with clients, never hiding unflattering data or guarding proprietary methods. Clients always have full access to their accounts, project management work spaces, working documents, research, tools, content, and creative assets that we build or manage on their behalf. Our custom reports demonstrate a similar openness, highlighting not only key performance indicators (KPIs), but also the process we developed to achieve them.
  • Agility
    • Change is the only constant in our work. Our initial assumptions and strategies must always be challenged, rethought, and adjusted regularly in light of newly-available data. We test constantly in rapid cycles, never satisfied with last month’s achievements. No one has all of the right answers upfront. Our success, however, comes from responding quickly to change and applying new learnings fluidly throughout the life a project.
  • Ethics
    • Our primary interest is to build brand value and grow businesses sustainably. There are often manipulative shortcuts at our disposal that can inflate results in the short term, though the risks associated with these approaches far outweighs the often short-lived benefits. We’re always ethical, no exceptions.
  • Partnership
    • Our clients consider us as partners. Both sides work to achieve common goals of growth. We’re accountable to our clients for results, yet we also hold our clients accountable for their engagement and contributions necessary for success. We want to establish long-term working relationships with every client, because our success depends on their success.

Hop Online does more than just pay lip service to these ideals: We walk the walk. We also click best with people who share these same professional values.